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I was a bit trepidatious about posting this publicly, because not every corner of the intarwebs is a fan of mine. But, any people who might want readings from me who don't know me will want to see at least a little context about the reader, so I'll post it here instead of making a separate journal for this. Who knows, maybe I'll even find my friends list/circle expanding after this. :) Feel free to pass this post around (no, really, please do ^^). All proceeds are going towards the "let's make sure Rhi can meet her bills and eat!" fund. ;)

Feel free to also link anyone you like to my (still being established, but there!) arts and crafts blog at [personal profile] leaf_and_vine . It still needs one more basic info post, and some samples of my work, but it's up! As soon as Etsy realizes that the email for the store does in fact exist and lets me MAKE the store, there will also be an Etsy shop linked. Possibly also a FB store. I'm getting around.


One card draw: $5 (This is usually a very simple matter of asking a question (whether or not you tell me what it is), having me draw a card, and getting a basic answer. Yes or no type questions are common, but you can also ask questions that don't have yes or no answers and get surprisingly results. That being said, if you need detail, do not consider this-you won't get anything like what you would in a multiple-card draw/spread.)

Three card row: $15 (This is a very cause and effect type spread, or can also be used for succinct or brief messages-think asking a question like you would with a one card spread, just getting a little more detail in the answer. It CAN be a past/present/future, but I'm not very good with those basic things because frankly IME they're not much good in simple three-card form.)

Six card spread (three card row with clarifying cards): $20

Five card row: $25 (This reading is good for asking a specific question, and the most likely outcome of it. Good for decision making when super-specific detail is not required. Add another $8 if clarification cards are wanted. This is also good for receiving messages from higher powers-aka, a tool for communication if your own senses fail you, or if they have something very specific to say that you're not understanding otherwise-which is the most common use I have had for it.)

Ten card spread (general reading; good for a general update on life; more productively used regarding the detailed impact on one's life regarding any specific question, event, person, or thing. Almost always includes clarification cards, hence the higher price.): $50

Client-requested spreads: Price variable depending on complexity; usually between $20-50. I'm more than happy to, and more than capable of, reading using a spread which isn't well-known to me, if that's requested. (Actually this is kind of my favorite reading to do. It's always different, and my work is the least biased it can possibly be since I'm not familiar with anything except the deck.)


Basic Aura/energetic body reading: $15 (This reading is not very detailed. It is a basic reading, and will not give incredible detail. I will be able to see the basics of where something is wrong, and whether or not it is mild or severe, and I will be able to see the basic state of one's aura, which only mirrors one's emotional state at the time. It's best used in circumstances like making sure you're in the appropriate state to handle a specific situation, like an important job interview or a first date that you really care about.)
Second level Aura/energy body reading: $40 (This reading is more in depth, and can give more detail about what information would be gained in the Basic/First-level reading. It can be more precise about anything that jumps out, the nature and extremity of it, and some basic possible side effects. In terms of the state of one's aura, I may be able to read emotional connections beyond the basics, including some things you may not know you're feeling, or may be repressing. There may be seemingly random information that is relayed of its own accord; these are things that are connected to whatever is being scanned/read at the time but is not likely to be in depth or of excessive detail. This is more appropriate in situations where one wants more in depth information regarding one's energetic/spiritual body state when it is outside their ability to find, such as when one feels physically ill and wants to know if it is affecting the spiritual body, or when one feels out of balance or unaligned and cannot find out why-nor correct it on their own.)

Third level Aura/energy body reading: $60-80 (This reading is VERY in depth, and is not suggested for every day use. This depth of reading gives very great detail-both about situational effects as well as ones that have been more long term-as it's a pretty intensive scan. Not everyone is comfortable with that level of depth to a scan to their spirit, as it can be impacting to both the client and the practitioner in ways that may not be immediately seen-be sure you are comfortable with what you are asking for. It is VERY likely that information will come to the reader unbidden, and there may be much of it. The extent of the state of the energy body will be much, much more detailed than the other two levels. There may be suggestions in how to aid healing, should that apply-again with the unbidden information. The most appropriate use for a reading like this is when you feel there is something seriously wrong, in spiritual and energetic ways that are not entirely addressed by doctors or logic, that seems to be affecting mind, body, and spirit. I have rarely, if ever, had a request for a reading like this in any other situation, though if you wish for it nonetheless-for a thorough scan simply for posterity, for example-then by all means.)

If you have any other requests that don't seem to fit in here, let me know and I'll give you a guestimate on price and work with you. These are just the things I've been called on for the most; I'm capable of a much wider variety should the situation present itself.

Just to be clear, in case anyone asking for readings or anything of the sort from me doesn't already know-readings aren't fact, nor should you live your life by them. They are intended for purely informational and supportive purposes, something to support and possibly clarify situations already present, and in terms of queries related to the future-they are simply my translation of what is shown to be the most likely current path given your patterns, behaviors, and choices. I'm not a fortune teller and I'm not able to give you certainty, because there is none-we shape our own lives and make our own choices, and what our choices are is what determines what actually happens. Things may change if your decisions change them. The information you get in any reading should be just one factor that influences your decisions, if it does at all. I'm not responsible for anything but information-what you do with it, and how it affects you, is all on you. I also might not tell you what you WANT to hear, because the information I am given isn't always that. Please don't come after me if the results aren't what you expect. I don't go out there looking to give people what feels like bad news (I actually don't like delivering those messages; I don't know many readers who DO), but sometimes it happens. If you ask me for a reading, I'm going to assume you've both read and know all this. I know there are many people out there who understand all this, but there are just as many who don't, so, disclaimers to cover my butt, ahoy. ^^

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