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100 icons from Cassini's photographs (mostly Saturn and its moons, with a couple of Jupiter), over here.
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8 Oliver & Felicity, 8 Oliver Queen, 12 Felicity
2 Carrie Cutter-Cupid, 2 Cupid & Deadshot
4 Floyd Lawton-Deadshot, 1 John Diggle, 3 The Flash
1 Thea & Oliver, 4 Thea-Speedy, 5 Laurel Lance

9 Kara-Supergirl, 1 Mon-El-Mike

4 Lucifer & Chloe, 12 Lucifer Morningstar
4 Chloe Decker, 1 Trixie

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  157 x Love 020

@ my DW


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174 voltron: legendary defender icons

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hello! here's a small post consisting of icons from Voltron: Legendary Defender S3! just episodes one and two for now, but i'll be making more in the future. please check them out, if you'd like.

here @ [community profile] bluescreen

18 misc

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18 misc

here @ [personal profile] pureimagination
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60x textless icons from Final Fantasy XV. Prompto only. Also has icons from Episode Prompto and Assassin's Festival


Rest of the icons here @ [personal profile] famira

To be even more brutally frank:

Sep. 8th, 2017 05:07 pm
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I've long since come to terms with the USA being not merely an empire but one that's been amazingly and horrifyingly successful at what all the other empires have done. I accept the good and patriotic tenets taught are lies, and lies sold with vested interests. I have just read enough of the history of wars, battles, kings, and empires to realize that there is no fundamental gap between America refusing to admit a loss in Vietnam or Afghanistan and casually blowing up villages in Afghanistan and Iraq than the USSR or the British and French of the 19th Century doing it. Or Tamerlane's pyramids of skulls.

I am, however, well familiar with how people in other parts of the world react with disfavor and dismay to US power but refuse to retake it themselves and boot the USA out to own all the expenses and responsibility itself. If your society is willing to treat US imperialism as a security guarantee in practice, whatever the rhetoric, your individual moral objections are noted but the political and cultural elites of the countries you come from (and this is aimed at people in Japan, South Korea, the EU countries, and what have you) don't see it the way you do. To them, they're perfectly happy to let us do all that for them. Means we pay for all the planes that can't fly, tanks that our military doesn't want, and hold countries over the barrel for those same planes.

EU countries banned cluster bombs but not a US military that used them. US dollars and involvement with the empire of bases in local communities outweighs any premise that the methods of the US Empire, simply the largest and grandest of them all and the first true world empire in the sense of all seven continents and the very stars themselves are uniquely morally repugnant and horrible and unlike all other empires before and after them.

The USA elects a vulgar Islamophobic homophobic would-be fascist and these people suddenly believe that what is proving such a regular and reliable disaster in the USA would work in their countries. Ya'll are still run by people with a lick of sense. Don't damn yourselves by indulging the worst traits that society brings out like the USA has done.

There's nothing really stopping EU countries or Japan from booting out the USA (what's the USA going to do, turn into the USSR and fire tanks into crowds and run over the bodies with the tank treads? Don't be ridiculous, today's military wouldn't dare do that to white people or Japanese people) if they really want to end the US empire and re-assert themselves. Of course the moment they do and have to cut welfare to make the armies they now have to run for themselves the cities will burn not from immigrants but Europeans facing realities the USA has lived with for a long time and which their ancestors would have put up with and did put up with through two self-inflicted apocalypses.

This may be a bit predictable:

Sep. 8th, 2017 05:01 pm
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But whenever I see 'typical German methods of retaliation' as a point in favor of Germans I won't hesitate to point out that actually looked like this: 

Trigger warning: genocide, Holocaust by bullets )

So if people want assertive German culture back, by all means call for it. But remember what you're actually calling for. I mean you guys hate that shit when the USA does it, would you obey some Generalmajor of the Bundeswehr expecting you to obey orders and do shit that involves killing people with weapons if that came to it any more than some US very model of a modern major general getting his secretary to suck him off so he gets a sweet memoir deal? 

Somehow I don't believe it.

The same people who demonize any war the USA fights would be willing to accept the very things they demonize because Germany goes to sleep the Merkelreich and wakes up as Bismarckian Germany on steroids complete with hard-ons by saluting civilians to goose-stepping soldiers immune to being reined in if they want to do something galactically stupid? People with literal knee-jerk allergies to imperialism now that they can't benefit from sending their dirty underclasses to go rape, genocidally massacre, and pillage African and Asian societies and Hitler and Stalin did all that to them and they didn't really like it very much would really be willing to accept that from fellow Europeans more than Americans? 

Introduction - Lia

Sep. 7th, 2017 05:35 pm
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-Name you would like to go by:
SylvanFae or Lia

-Present path or tradition:
(Ex-Mormon) Pagan hedge witch for almost two decades now, and I'm currently a Bard in the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids, having finally gotten around to diving into the Druidry that has been calling me since I was a teen. Very happy to be home. :)

Druidry, Celtic cultures, shamanism, indigenous cultures, anthropology (my major), animism, spirit(s), pantheism, ignosticism, epistemological agnosticism, philosophy, earth, sun, moon, stars, plants, poetry, music, Welsh (plan to learn other Celtic and Native American languages later, if I can), magic, Ceridwen, Elen of the Ways, Arianrhod, Gwyn ap Nudd, Cernunnos, etc.

-Age (not mandatory):

-Brief Bio:
I'm a Druid / awenydd / hedge witch in Utah, USA, and I edit the print journal of a Pagan activism site. Sometimes I write for the site, too. I'm also on the copyediting team at Druid Magazine (OBOD's American magazine). I'm a mother and I'm in a polyamorous quad.

I left the Mormonism of the past few generations of my ancestors in my early 20s and became a Pagan because of course. ;) After decades of study, I think animism and other aspects of Paganism are our human heritage and the way our psyches have evolved and the way they still function, given the chance/left alone. The Religion of the Earth, basically... and humans are part of the Earth. So I've returned to my deeper ancestral roots, feeling like I'm reclaiming that heritage, and strengthening it to pass on to new generations. I work to correct the bad ideas that our culture(s) inherited from Abrahamic religions, like patriarchy and dominionism. I try to strengthen the Pagan community and its relational skills so that we can have each other and be a force for good and for protecting the Earth. I'd like to see more of an emphasis on community, even if we are a herd of cats. :D House cats evolved from communal desert cats that lived together, and look at them now... they're everywhere! ;) The more close-knit a group is, the more it outlasts other groups and thrives, and that's an anthropological fact. I think Paganism is worth outlasting many a thing, and worth bringing back to thriving.

Well met, kindred spirits. :)

40 Kamen Rider Build Ep. 1 Icons

Sep. 7th, 2017 06:51 pm
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Fandom: Kamen Rider Build
Warnings: None
Notes: Please credit if used

Episode 1 Icons

Pre-Gen Characters

Sep. 6th, 2017 01:07 pm
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So, I'm at a bit of a lost. One of my D&D groups changed meeting days and times and I had to bow out because Friday is Date Night and I don't see a lot of my boyfriend during the week. I'm bummed as I like the people in the group and I was fond of my character and at 5th level in 5e, things start getting good.

I found this group through MeetUp, but the latest meetings posted all have pre-gen characters and I'm just not wild about the idea. I've played with pre-gen at a convention and it was okay, but even when you know the system it takes a while to get acquainted.